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Let us help with your corporate project planning and initiatives

Strategic planning can be challenging. It requires considerable thought and insight. Doing it well requires a structured approach to ensure objectives and targeted and met efficiently and effectively throughout the year. Garnet River can help.

Determine the scope of your organization
What is a regulated requirement? What, within your scope, is a must have vs a nice to have?

Settle on a strategy and communicate
Ensure your strategy can be executed in a cost-effective manner with a high likelihood of success. This creates a “buy-in” culture in which people understand the company vision and are excited to be a part of it. The result: people feel empowered, innovate more, and generate outcomes that drive company growth.

Identify your goals
Predicting the future’s not possible, but focusing on goals can help with risk anticipation and contingency planning.

Create plans and timelines to achieve your goals
Include objectives and systems, as well as quantitative-based key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success. When goals are aligned with objectives in a clear, time-defined manner, resources can be appropriately allocated.

Define roles and job responsibilities to evaluate resource allocations
Identifying impacted functional areas of the business as it relates to your goals provides boundaries and decision-making framework. This can foster an organized outline for decision-making and ensure your teams reduce waste and decrease while working on strategic initiatives.

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The best relationships start with a simple conversation. Let’s talk!

Initiatives Garnet Care supports

System and data conversion

  • Define the scope and ensure business engagement
  • Understand the technology and data; implement data standards
  • Protect and back up data
  • Identify system gaps and plan mitigation

Robotic Process Automation

  • Ideate, assess, and prioritize automation candidates
  • Observe and document processes
  • Create an automation road map for processes
  • Develop, deploy, and maintain “bot(s)”

New Program Start Ups and Initiatives

  • Evaluate existing system set up and processes
  • Implement compliant operations and systems in accordance with CMS and state regulations
  • Execute “Best-in-Class” industry standards

Business Process and Operational Excellence

  • Assess existing processes
  • Introduce practices that promote operational excellence and reduce costs.
  • Develop and implement automation

Quality Assurance Program Development

  • Create QA programs and develop standardized processes and tools
  • Perform mock audits
  • Review and develop audit universes
  • Prepare audit responses and documentation
  • Develop, execute, and oversee of CAPs
  • Negotiate settlements as necessary

Program and Vendor Oversight

  • Establish audit and reconciliation tools
  • Monitor ongoing activity to ensure efficient and accurate data exchanges.
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The best relationships start with a simple conversation. Let’s talk!