Let’s go farther, together!

At Garnet River, we understand every organization—no matter the size—is made up of people. That’s why we help organizations seat the right people and support them with the best processes. Because when people are empowered to innovate and feel great about work, positive outcomes are achieved and everyone wins.

IT partners working on project

Our Culture

Our culture is centered on the principle of “Practical Idealism.” This philosophy guides us down the path, between our heart-felt idealism and the practical tactics required to be a sustainable business that effectively serves each of its stakeholders.

Our Financial Strength

Garnet River is a stable and financially strong company. This firmly positions us for the role of prime contractor. Our financial strengths and our ability to flex makes us an attractive partner to mitigate risk by delivering no or low-cost proofs of concept for our clients.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our sized business brings a compelling price-value proposition. Against larger competitors, we compete based on price, flexibility, and responsiveness. Against smaller, niche providers, based on breadth of services and depth of experience and resources.

Our Dedicated Team

Garnet River’s leaders hold decades of experience in their domains and each has joined our team with high emotional intelligence and collaboration skills. Each leader is truly committed and puts our clients first. Period.

Our Broad &
Deep Experience

We hold equal expertise working in both the public and private sectors. Our service delivery is IT and Business Staffing and Solutions. Our employees are computer scientists, engineers, business process analysts, project managers, quality assurance specialists, healthcare experts and software developers.


Garnet River is an approved Lot 1 and 2 PBITs vendor to New York State, which means we are approved to deliver projects up to $7.5 million in cost. Over the past 21 years, we have served more than 40 New York State agencies, boards, and authorities.