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Why Garnet River for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
We combine our expertise in data analytics strategy, cloud/infrastructure, and information security to help organizations grow—and minimize risk—by visualizing, analyzing, and acting on the threats and intelligence available in their existing data.

Our Approach
Data has become a valued asset for most organizations. Leveraged correctly, it offers the insights and intelligence needed to make informed business decisions and deliver personalized, impactful customer experiences. It can also highlight opportunities to improve efficiency and overall organizational performance.

However, data can be a double-edged sword. Data leakage, particularly privacy data, can cause long-term damage to an organization. And the truth of the matter is, most organizations have more than they realize—creating a risk profile they don’t fully understand.

That’s why we have a comprehensive approach to data. Because the right process powered by the right people and technology can both secure you data and unleash its potential.

  • Discovery – We assess what data you have and where it is stored.
  • Discussion – We talk with your organization’s leaders learn about your priorities.
  • Classification – We identify and segment data based upon a risk/opportunity profile.
  • Mapping – We chart a path forward based upon your needs and priorities.

  • Migration – We set up a structured, secure data environment…then move the right data.

  • Delivery – We give you easy to read, actionable insights that drive decision making.

The end result is that we can accelerate and add efficiency to reporting, improving performance and adding value.

“Data Analytics and Business Intelligence provides an answer to two fundamental questions organizational leaders ask:

  • I have all this data, how do I use it?
  • Why are we failing to execute when we have all this data and are using it?

When data structure is done right, the response to both is the same. ‘Everything is predictable. This is what you will be able to do. This is what you will see. These are the results you can expect.'”

– Noah Arciero, Practice Lead

Our Security Analytics Program: Seeing is security. Knowledge is opportunity.
Delivered through Armeta Garnet River Group

  • Cloud Migration: We help identify your cloud architecture needs, then move your data into the cloud with the purpose of creating value and boosting productivity.
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics: There are answers in data. We help you ask the questions that bring visibility to growth opportunities by creating real-time, insightful reporting solutions and analytics dashboards.
  • Cloud/Infrastructure and Data Security: Leverage the full flexibility and efficiency of the cloud by ensuring your environment is secure and compliant. We work with clients to establish risk tolerances and then offer gap analysis, risk assessment, security automation, and the monitoring and response technologies to stay on track.

  • Identity and Risk Management: Secure systems are often a matter of securing access. Identity and governance solutions reduce risks and improve compliance, and our approach modernizes your process by leveraging automation and intelligence to prevent unwelcome access, create a privileged access management environment, and establish accountability.

  • Managed Security: Even organizations committed to securing their environment struggle to do so. The primary reason: a scarcity of qualified talent. Our team can be either a full or partial managed resource available to fill your resource gap.

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