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Why Garnet River for Project Management
At our core, Garnet River is a company that innovates. Our roots are in IT and application development, and many of our practice leads are entrepreneurially minded. If there is tool or resource we need to deliver better, we build and scale it. If there is an operation that needs improvement, we identify the factor(s) influencing performance and address it.

This internal commitment to process, combined with years of taking on the same role for clients, has allowed us to develop a well tested, effective, and repeatable approach to project management. Whether your project is people focused, centered on a business function, or technology oriented, you can expect accuracy, competency, personality, and reliability from our project managers.

Here’s how we help:

  • We turnaround failing/stuck projects
  • We provide experts who can augment or lead your project
  • We assist with with RFPs and selecting the right vendors
  • We minimize disruption and risk
  • We communicate early, often, and with full transparency
  • We establish controls to identify and address deficiencies
  • We define expectations and lead accountability

Our clients are in education, finance, government, health care, manufacturing, retail, and more.

Photo of Garnet River's Project Management Practice Lead Pierre Sandaire

“Effective project management is about collaboration and partnership. The better we know our clients, the better we can deliver the outcomes that align with their goals and the better we can bring our expertise to the table to add value.”

– Pierre Sandaire, Practice Lead