Headshot of Garnet River CEO and President Steve Richards

Steve Richards

CEO & President

Photo of Garnet River's Human Resources Manager Gloria Bailey

Gloria Bailey

Human Resources Manager

Headshot of Garnet River Controller Jamie DeMassio

Jamie DeMassio


Headshot of Ken Hausam, Chief Technology Officer for Garnet River

Ken Hausam

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Garnet River CFO Scott Card

Scott Card

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Garnet River Chief Marketing Officer Michael Conlin

Michael Conlin

Marketing & Communications Director

Photo of Hadley Richards, Garnet River Business Development Coordinator

Hadley Richards

Business Development Coordinator

Aerial photo of downtown Saratoga Springs

“Garnet River was founded on the principle of Practical Idealism and the belief that if we do what is right for our clients, we will be a strong and successful partner with them—for many years. It’s what makes us so reliable, agile, and effective. It is also what keeps us rooted to our upstate New York community and hometown of Saratoga Springs…even as we broaden our reach nationally. ”

– Steve Richards, CEO, Garnet River

Aerial photo of downtown Saratoga Springs

“We have deep roots in upstate New York and the Saratoga Springs community we call home. We take a lot of pride in making a difference for organizations in our region, and continuing to do so for generations is ingrained in the vision and values of our leadership team.”

– Steve Richards, CEO, Garnet River