RPA deploys digital workers (robots) to carry out routine, rules-based computer tasks. When utilized, robots support the human worker in executing repeatable processes—improving efficiency and empowering people to use their unique talents to add value and create positive outcomes.

Why RPA? The key questions…
  • Do you need to free up capacity?

  • Do you need to reduce costs?

  • Do you need to improve value/quality?

According to a study from International Data Corporation (IDC), 4 out of 5 executives polled said the primary benefits of RPA are:

  • Reduction of errors or mistakes, which reduces work time.
  • Allowance of employees to make better, more consistent decisions.
  • Improvement in speed of response and process flexibility.

Garnet River is a UiPath Partner, the Magic Quadrant Leader for Robotic Process Automation.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for RPA

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Automation opportunities across the enterprise
Human Resources Supply Chain Information Technology Finance / Accounting Customer Service
Onboarding & Offboarding Invoice & Contract Management Server & Application Monitoring R2R: General Accounting, Reconciliations, Fixed Assets, Close, Consolidations Order Management
Time / Attendance Management Demand & Supply Planning Maintenance & Monitoring O2C: Quote Management, Cash Apps, Customer Master, Credit Management Customer Inquiries
Payroll Inventory Management Batch Processing P2P: Vendor Master, Requisitions, PO Creation / Management, Payment Processing, Reporting, Invoicing Customer Account Set Up
Benefits Administration Work Order Management Email Processing & Distribution Collections Document Processing
Recruitment (Back Office) Returns Processing Backup & Restoration Duplicate System Entry
Personnel Administration Freight Management
Education & Training