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  • Photo of computer showing logo of CMS program audit

Is your CMS program audit ready for 2023

Annually, open enrollment activities are a true performance test of your company’s systems and processes. Challenges faced during open enrollment can lead to significant compliance risks for your organization as it enters the CMS 2023 Program Audit time of year.

  • Phot of ERP specialist and process analyst seeing benefits of RPA

Confessions of an ERP specialist: RPA is a quicker, easier solution

Change can be hard. Recognizing there is a need for change might be harder. Especially if your passion is bringing order to chaos. Here, Garnet River’s RPA practice lead, Bethany Savage, shares how her experience with ERPs has informed her approach to automation and the adoption of a “quick and easy” mindset.

  • Photo of staffing specialist working on hiring during at time of low unemployment

Hiring in a low unemployment rate environment

With our Staffing division, Garnet River is in the business of jobs. The more, the better. But if you tune in to the news, you might be aware that low unemployment has a couple of corollaries: it drives inflation and it makes it difficult for companies to find the skilled workers needed to meet demand and grow. While economics is beyond our pay grade, we can offer some solutions for organizations struggling to hire.

  • Photo of an elephant family at sunset sharing a lesson about caring

A lesson about caring learned from an exercise in branding

“A good intention with a bad approach often leads to a poor result,” says Thomas Edison. We agree, and this video of a baby elephant not being willing to leave the side of its mud-stuck mother is a great example. Not only does the baby elephant keep getting stuck itself, it also gets in the way of the workers who are trying to free its mother. The lesson: sometimes we can all use a little help.

  • Photo of new employee at company that used Robotic Process Automation for onboarding

Robotic Process Automation for onboarding and offboarding

Employee onboarding is a traditional human resource activity. It takes people and time. But what if you drew a “chance” card that shortcuts the process? Would you play it? Especially if there wasn’t much to chance and the reward could be reducing the time to onboard an employee from 128 minutes to 3 minutes? With RPA, you can do just that.

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