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GarnetMSP co-manages your IT services so your team can focus on pro-growth and big picture department and organizational goals. An added benefit: we provide clients with access to best-in-class enterprise tools.

Why co-managed IT services?
The key questions…
  • Do you have a senior level IT leader who has expertise and experience with cloud security, infrastructure, and business strategy?

  • Does your IT environment lack security and continuity tools?

  • Do you struggle with prioritization and workload when carrying out or adding IT projects?

With limited resources, small- to mid-size organization often have difficulty prioritizing IT projects. Co-managed services exist to provide guidance and fill knowledge gaps where necessary. Key benefits include:

  • Staff Augmentation. In-house IT teams can find themselves under enormous stress during busy seasons and periods of growth. Co-management offers a helping had to maintain delivery, prevent burnout, and preserve morale.

  • On-demand Expertise. When your team runs into issues they are not equipped to respond to, a co-managed service provider (MSP) serves as a crucial backup and resource.

  • Improved Security & Compliance. Businesses cannot afford do let security and compliance take a backseat. A co-managed service provider offers proactive protection and expertise.

  • Enhanced Productivity. IT downtime is one of the biggest drivers of lost workplace productivity. Proactively caring for your network and dividing the required responsibility and tasks can boost productivity and ensure employees focus on work that drives business performance.

  • Standardized Tools. GarnetMSP implements antivirus, monitoring, and security tools on all systems within a client environment, which ensures security and stability. Onsite admins have access and control of these powerful tools.

GarnetMSP can provide:

  • 24/7 systems management, monitoring, and security
  • Data protection
  • Managed backups
  • Cloud storage
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Risk assessment
  • Process/service remediation
Michael Donnelly, GarnetMSP and Co-Managed IT Services Practice Lead
Michael Donnelly
Practice Manager

An expert in cloud security, infrastructure, and modular systems thinking, Mike is technical architect, MSP practice manager, and co-managed IT services leader for Garnet River. He has experience with network design, firewall design and deployment, security auditing, server installation, sales engineering, database administration, backup management, and technical writing.

What to know about Michael: He’s got his head in the clouds…and that’s a good thing. It means you have access to a smart, cost-effective alternative to maintaining your IT networks.

GarnetMSP: Co-managed IT services

Keep your staff…and let us fill the gaps

A co-managed agreement gives you access to a full team of professionals to support your internal IT resources. Our clients lean on the niche specializations of our team for everything from daily IT tasks to helping with project rollouts

Supplemental IT service examples:

  • Infrastructure management

  • Antivirus management

  • Patch management

  • Email security management

  • Vulnerability scanning

  • System updates

  • Backup verification and monitoring

  • End-user IT security education

  • IT procurement and vendor management

  • Backup management

  • Firewall management

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