• Assisting senior people. Close up of female caregiver holding elderly woman's hands indoors

Megan Christiana: an Introduction


In the upcoming weeks, I’ll guide us through a journey exploring the diverse perspectives of caregivers. But before we embark on this exploration together, I want to share why caregiving resonates so deeply with me.

Megan Christiana: an Introduction2024-03-25T08:58:15-04:00
  • Photo of compassionate care in celebration of Caregiver Appreciation Day

Celebrating Caregiver Appreciation Day: Recognizing Unsung Heroes


One of our products, CareHerd, reduces the stress and increases the effectiveness of family care by combining the best caregiving tools into one application. Today, as a way to thank and celebrate caregivers on Caregiver Appreciation Day, we share thoughtful ways you can show your appreciation to those who selflessly give and make a difference.

Celebrating Caregiver Appreciation Day: Recognizing Unsung Heroes2024-03-04T11:08:48-05:00
  • Photo of an elephant family at sunset, sharing a lesson about caring.

A lesson about caring learned from an exercise in branding


“A good intention with a bad approach often leads to a poor result,” says Thomas Edison. We agree, and this video of a baby elephant not being willing to leave the side of its mud-stuck mother is a great example. Not only does the baby elephant keep getting stuck itself, it also gets in the way of the workers who are trying to free its mother. The lesson: sometimes we can all use a little help.

A lesson about caring learned from an exercise in branding2023-11-20T13:28:59-05:00
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