The chef and kitchen staff are core to a quality dining experience. Yet, by law, these important and valued employees are not allowed to share in the tips customers leave to say: “job well done.” The Apron App changes this by creating a direct line between the “Patron” and the “Apron”—allowing for feedback and a legal pathway to increased earnings for back-of-house workers.

How it works

  • QR codes are placed on checks and/or table stands

  • Customers scan code and are directed to a landing page
  • Customer leaves tip
  • Tip goes directly to the kitchen staff

Why tip the back of house

  • Incentivize high performance
  • Improve quality
  • Attract staff and increase retention

What you need to know

  • The Apron App does not impede on traditional gratuity
  • Owners and managers do not manage process or finances
  • Back-of-house workers are independent contractors via app
The Apron App

Caring for yourself or a loved one can be challenging, let alone organizing that care with family members, doctors, and other caregivers. CareHerd reduces the stress and increases the effectiveness of family care. We’ve combined the best caregiving tools into one app so you can spend more time with the people you love and less time on logistics, organization, and confusing search results.

How it works

  • Collaborate: Build a care giving team, record conversations, ask/answer questions, and share everything.
  • Organize: Store essential documents, track appointments, log medications, list diagnoses.

  • Research: Access the world’s largest medical library to review health information you can save.

Why CareHerd for businesses and/or organizations

  • Offering CareHerd to your members and/or employees can improve the effectiveness of their health care by promoting family care giver participation. When health care needs are better coordinated and addressed, stress is reduced, costs decrease, and people feel more “connected” at a time when closeness to those they care about and love is needed most.
  • CareHerd allows for direct access to care information from the medical management department of your business, which will also reduce health care costs through better management of care and claims processing.
  • CareHerd adds an additional benefit to everything you already offer to members and/or employees. Retention is always a challenge, and according to SHRM, 72% of people feel personalized, value-added benefits are a key determinant to being happy and remaining loyal. 

  • CareHerd can be a revenue generator, white labeled as differentiator, or be used as the base platform for an organization’s custom app.