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Hiring a Chief Information Officer


Garnet River CEO and Principal Consultant, Steve Richards, has been involved in many CIO, Chief Information Officer, hires. As a manager, and as an adviser, he has come to see patterns worth talking about.

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Staffing agencies can support diversity, equity, and inclusion


Staffing agencies can support organizations in their effort to create a culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. By sourcing diverse talent, mitigating bias, fostering cultural competence, and supporting inclusive practices, staffing agencies can identify, attract, and help you retain a workforce that thrives on the strengths and perspectives of all individuals.

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Workforce planning: What it is and why it matters


One of the great challenges for most businesses (and economies) is the dynamic that the most in-demand skills and high-growth occupations are the toughest to hire for. Workforce planning is a proactive approach to addressing this problem. By identifying an organization's current and future talent requirements, it can aligns talent needs with business objectives and laying a foundation for growth and long-term success.

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To improve productivity, outsource staffing operations


We’re big on automation—as a tool to improve efficiency and outcomes to the benefit of a human worker. But we’re bigger on people and know not all companies have all the resources they need at all times to meet demand and sustain growth. While automation can sometimes be the answer, often times the better answer is to outsource. This is particularly true with staffing, which is hard to do and even harder to do well.

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Hiring in a low unemployment rate environment


With our Staffing division, Garnet River is in the business of jobs. The more, the better. But if you tune in to the news, you might be aware that low unemployment has a couple of corollaries: it drives inflation and it makes it difficult for companies to find the skilled workers needed to meet demand and grow. While economics is beyond our pay grade, we can offer some solutions for organizations struggling to hire.

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Me, myself, and I: Can personality tests power performance?


Are you familiar with Ray Dalio’s Principles You? Garnet River CEO Steve Richards is most like “The Inspirer” but has attributes of “The Entertainer” and “The Impresario.” Not surprising if you know him. Read what Steve thinks about personality tests and why he values them.

Me, myself, and I: Can personality tests power performance?2023-07-21T11:02:42-04:00
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