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  • Photo of engineer with server working on IT challenges

The biggest IT challenges for small businesses in 2023

In Stephen King’s book IT, the titular antagonist says, “I am everything you ever were afraid of.” How very prescient of King. Nearly three decades later, a different IT—information technology—can be what keeps small business owners up at night. Everyone needs it, few understand it, and even fewer like investing in it. But failing to pay attention to and investing in it can, as Pennywise the Clown said, become “every nightmare you ever had.” Here are common IT challenges and tools that can help you overcome them.

  • Photo of robot depicting cybersecurity operations you can automate

Four cybersecurity operations you can automate

Most CIOs expect their involvement in cybersecurity to increase over the course of 2023. Many use artificial intelligence applications for IT operations (AIOps) and security operations (SecOps) to continuously improve the security posture of their organizations. However, few of these tools enable end-to-end security operations automation, and teams are being stretched thin. Automation can support full-scale SOAR across a number of areas, including: identity lifecycle, threat detection and prevention, incident response, and audit and compliance.

  • Photo of HR manager offering tips for onboarding for engagement and retention

Onboarding tips to boost employee engagement and retention

Recruiters regularly lament the lack of qualified, available candidates for quality jobs. HR pros talk about how hard it is to retain them once found. The driver of both is the same: there are a lot of great jobs and not enough great and/or interested people to fill them. This makes keeping the talent you find engaged and happy is more important than ever—because finding their replacement may not be so easy. Here are some tips to effectively onboard for employee engagement and retention.

  • Photo of IT Engineer overseeing cloud data migration

Why you should migrate to the cloud, and tips for doing it successfully

Data is a valued asset for most organizations. Most have more than they realize. Few know where it all is. Even fewer know how to leverage it to create opportunity. Then there’s the challenge of making sure it’s all secure. Here are four benefits of cloud data migration and a checklist to help you navigate your way to the cloud with minimal disruption and maximum success.

  • IVV Lessons Independent Verifications Validation

IV&V Lessons: Five things learned over 30 years

Carl Blanchette is a respected Independent Verification & Validation leader. After 30 years contributing to programs, primarily in health and human services, with a specialization in child support systems, he has learned many IVV lessons. Here are his top five.

  • Real work robot watering corn

Pitchers, robots, and work that is real

Poet Marge Piercy may make the best case for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—without ever intending to. It allows people to be of use by returning them to work that is real. How? By encouraging the use of technology as it was intended—to accomplish more, easier, without error, and at a quicker pace.

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