Most people consider outsourcing a cost savings. At Garnet River, we look look at it as an investment multiplier that adds value and drives growth, which is why our managed outsource solutions are based on supporting your organization with qualified, quality professionals who can drive strategy, identify tactics, and execute actions that generate predictable outcomes.

Why outsource? The key questions…
  • Do you need to save money without sacrificing quality?

  • Are you being pulled away from your core competencies?
  • Do you have opportunity to grow but are risk averse?

Garnet River’s approach to outsourcing is collaborative. We fill gaps in your current staffing structure and take ownership of the role–working as a trusted partner to evaluate your current processes and activities, learn about and understand your vision, and drive actions that get targeted results. Short-term or long-term, we provide:

  • A unique model that puts our practice leaders at the front of your organization–as partners and senior-level leaders. We know they will deliver for you because they deliver for us.

  • The ability to scale with speed and effectiveness. We offer the manpower you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. We also have established processes to onboard and train quickly.

  • Expanded access to knowledge and expertise. Our experts are part of a broad team across a range of disciplines. The ability to seek counsel quickly and reliably, with proven partners, can make all the difference when it comes to managing threats and/or identifying and capitalizing on opportunities.

Our focus areas
Whether it’s filling out documents, reading and sending emails, entering data into business applications, or completing other rules-based comptuter tasks, RPA empowers your team to do more with less, and to do so with improved quality, speed, and accuracy. Our engineers can help with:

– Efficiency Evaluation
– Artificial Intelligence
– Machine Learning
– Process Improvement

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought, and your IT operation is only as good as the knowledge and skill of those you have monitoring it. We help fill gaps with:

– Chief Information Security Officers
– Policy Managers
– Security Awareness Trainers
– Ethical Hackers
– Education Programmers

We believe every organization should have a security-first mindset. And while most organizations today are moving to the cloud to gain speed, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability, these migrations bring a whole new set of challenges, risks, threats, and security concerns. Not only can our technical architects and MSP practice manager help you build your cloud infrastructure, they can also keep it secure and help with:

– Everything as a Service
– Management & Recovery
– Productivity
– Migration
– Business Continuity
– Managed Services
– Hosted Services
– Bring Your Own Device

Outsourcing management and senior leadership is often about addressing a lack of in-house talent or meeting an immediate short-term need. But it can also bring value to your current team by improving efficency, ensuring continuity, and developing new talent. We have senior-level leaders across a range of disciplines who can fill the following roles:

– Accounting
– Administrative Services
– Business Consulting
– Compliance
– General Counsel
– Health Care
– Marketing
– Project Management
– Quality Assurance/IV&V

Identifying the right software solution(s) for your business is a challenge; implementation of that software as a value-added tool is even more difficult. Our software experts can help make sure your software fits your unique needs by offering the following outsource support:

– Advisory
– Architecture
– Implementation
– Optimization
– Quality Assurance
– Recovery
– Training

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