Our Stages of RPA Implementation

Step 1: Ideation

  • Overview: Client and Garnet River brainstorm process automation candidates; identify business unit (BU) stakeholders; capture workflow detail; and gather supporting documents.
  • Timeframe: Ideation session should conclude within a one- to two-hour time slot.

Step 2: Scoring

  • Overview: Unique session with each involved BU, in which processes to identify value, baseline targets, and backlog will be reviewed. Also will challenge and quantify current processes…why are they in use, what is the desired outcome, and how is value measured. Garnet River will present a set of recommended processes for automation.

  • Timeframe: Up to one week.

Step 3: Prioritization

  • Overview: In-person workshop with all BUs to build consensus around business prioritization. Garnet River will share scoring, recommendations, time-to-value, ROI, prioritization, etc., and a Plan of Automation will be developed. An automation candidate for the QuickStart proof of concept will be selected.

  • Timeframe: Two- to three-hour session.

Step 4: Observation

  • Overview: Capture video and observe current process in action.

  • Timeframe: Sessions vary based on three factors of the process selected in ideation (time to execute, volume of process, and number of FTEs involved).

Step 5: Documentation

  • Overview: Develop a workflow flowchart​ and generate a detailed requirements document for client to review and approve.

  • Timeframe: Up to one week

Step 6: Development

  • Overview: Establish the development environment and obtain, as needed: remote access, system access, copies of digital assets, etc.​ Initiate bot development in UiPath Studio (or selected platform).

  • Timeframe: Typically within four weeks after initial environment setup.


Step 7: Testing

  • Overview: Internal verification against test plan​. Conduct a client review session and user acceptance testing session.

  • Timeframe: Not to exceed four weeks.

Step 8: Deployment

  • Overview: Obtain trial licenses and establish and configure UiPath Orchestrator (or selected platform) environment. For automations with attended bots, install local agent. For unattended automations, provision bot machine. Conclude with deployment and testing of the bot.

  • Timeframe: Up to one week.