Offerings Organization benefits
A Compliance Data Repository Tool that manages, reconciles, and reports Security Breaches and Privacy Issues:

  • Security Breaches and Privacy Issues
  • Training (Annual & up training) & P&P Tracking and Management
  • Operations Compliance Oversight, Monitoring & CAP remediation plan tracking, oversight & resolution
  • Mock CMS Audits

Streamlines Customized State and Federal Regulation reporting to different entities (HHS, CMS)

Compliance issues identification, tracking and management of Cycle Resolutions Timing and Aging, such as:

  • Employee terminations and re-hire and employee retraining
  • Member notifications
  • Member provided 1 year of credit monitoring
  • Media notifications
  • System corrections
  • Centralized Compliance tracking tools allow for:
    • Reduced compliance issues due to increased awareness
    • Increased data integrity
    • Timely Remediation and Reporting
  • Support confirming all Organizational/Operational P&Ps are in place and updated annually
  • Support CMS reporting of Annual required Training and uptraining because of any CAPs initiated by Compliance, Compliance issue CAP Plan tracking, reporting & results monitoring
  • Report CMS mock Audit Results which assist Plans in identify how they would perform during a CMS initiated audit & assist with GAP identification and resolution