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Capella Care is a Mobile App for Family Caregivers that reduces the stress and increases the effectiveness of family care.  We’ve combined the best caregiving tools into one app, allowing family caregivers to spend more time with the people they love and less on logistics, organization, confusing search results, and issues from poor communication.

Our goal is to bring together families and friends to reduce headaches and stress of being a family caregiver. Your focus is your Loved One, the Care Receiver. Capella Care enables you to keep track of every aspect of their healthcare.

Capella Care allows a Primary Caregiver to coordinate with family and friends to provide care through the following main functions:

  • Collective notetaking, scheduling and managing appointments.
  • Conducting medical research through the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) MedlinePlus curated library of health information.
  • Documenting symptoms and prognosis.
  • Preparing for doctor’s visits by recording questions and concerns beforehand and recording answers and notes afterwards.

Storing important documents, medications, lists, and test results.

This Mobile App could be used by your patients and members as an added benefit and could be utilized to improve:

  • Patient and Member satisfaction
  • Coordination of Care
  • Medical and Utilization Management
  • Provider satisfaction